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Contoh Soal Narrative Text

Text 1
Snow White
Once upon a time, there lived a little girl named Snow White.  She lived with her aunt and uncle because her parents were dead.
One day, she heard her uncle and aunt talking about leaving Snow White in the castle because they both wanted to go to America and they didn’t have enough money to take Snow White.
Snow White did not want her uncle and aunt to do this, so she decided it would be best if she ran away.  The next morning, she ran away from home when her aunt and uncle were having breakfast.  She ran away into the woods.
She was very tired and hungry.  Then, she saw this little cottage.  She knocked, but no one answered, so she went inside and fell asleep.
Meanwhile, the seven dwarfs were coming home from work.  They went inside. There they found Snow White sleeping.  Then Snow White woke up.  She saw the dwarfs.  The dwarfs said, ”What’s your name?” Snow White answered, “My name is Snow White.”
The other dwarfs asked, “If you wish, you may live here with us.” Snow White said, “Oh, could I? Thank you!” Then Snow White told the dwarfs the whole story, and the seven dwarfs lived happily ever after.
1.      What kind of text is it?
a.       Narrative                                 c. News item                           e. Report
b.      Analytical Exposition d. Hortatory Exposition
2.      What is the communicative purpose of the story?
a.       To entertain the readers
b.      To describe the way things
c.       To retell an event with humorous twist
d.      To persuade by presenting arguments or to analyze or explain
e.       To persuade the readers or the listeners that something should or should not be the case
3.      What is the generic structure of the story?
a.       Orientation – Complication – Resolution
b.      Orientation – Events – Twist
c.       Identification – Description
d.      Identification – Events – Reorientation
e.       Thesis – Arguments – Reiteration 
4.      What kind of tenses is used in the story?
a.       Present Simple                        c. Present Continuous             e. Present Perfect
b.      Past Simple                             d. Past Continuous
5.      …….because her parents were dead. (p.2)
The synonym of the underlined word is……
a.       Lived   b. Loved          c. Passed away            d. Ran away    e. kind
Text 2
Long, long time ago, there lived a beautiful girl named Cinderella.  Her parents passed away, she lived with her step mother and step sisters.  Cinderella was very sad everyday because she had to do the housework alone.
One day, the king wanted to find the wife if his son.  He invited all the beautiful girls to come.  Cinderella was very sad because her step sister did not let her go.  Her sisters went to the palace without Cinderella.
Luckily, The Angel cam and helped Cinderella to go to the palace.  In the palace, Cinderella danced with the Prince.  He fell in love with her; then he married her.  They lived happily ever after.
6.   What kind of text is it?
a.    Descriptive         b. News item               c. Spoof           d. Narrative                 e. Recount
7.   What is the communicative purpose of the story?
a.    To entertain the readers
b.   To describe the way things
c.    To retell an event with humorous twist
d.   To describe particular person, place or things
e.    To persuade the readers or the listeners that something should or should not be the case
8.   What is the generic structure of the story?
a.    Orientation – Complication – Resolution
b.   Orientation – Events – Twist
c.    Identification – Description
d.   Identification – Events – Reorientation
e.    Thesis – Arguments – Reiteration  To report something
9.   Her parents passed away. (p.1)
The synonym of the underlined word is………
a.       Ran away          b. dead                        c. went away      d. go away      e. far away
10.  Which statement is not true?
a.       Cinderella was young.                          d. The King married Cinderella
b.      The Angel helped Cinderella.               e. The Prince married Cinderella
c.       The King had a son.

Text 3
Once upon a time, The King Prabu ruled a Kingdom in West Java.  King Prabu and his wife were wise and kind so that their people were prosperous.
The problem came because The King didn’t have children.  They tried many ways to have children, but they always failed.
One day, Prabu prayed to God, and he was very happy because God accepted his prayer.  Soon, they had a child that was beautiful but spoiled and had the bad behavior.
For her seventeenth birthday party, the princess got the gold necklace from her parents.  Unfortunately, when she saw it, she didn’t like it and threw it away into the floor.  Everybody was shocked because from the ground emerged a lot of water.  All of the kingdom suddenly became a big lake.
People call it Telaga Warna and believed that the colours came from the Princess’ necklace.
11.  The Kingdom was located in……..
a.    Sumatera           b. Sulawesi      c. Java             d. Papua          e. Bali
12.  People……….the King Prabu.
a.    hated                 b. liked                        c. disliked        d. connected with       e. ruled           
13.  Which statement is Not Correct?
a.    The queen had one daughter.
b.   The lake swallowed the Kingdom.
c.    The King adopted a girl as his child.
d.   The princess had the bad behavior.
e.    The Prabu and his wife were wise.
14.  What kind of text is it?
a.    Descriptive       b. Report         c. Narrative     d. Recount      e. Procedure
15.  The communicative purpose of the story is…..
a.    to describe the King                 c. to entertain the readers        e. to persuade the readers
b.   to describe the Kingdom          d. to retell the past experience
16.  The first paragraph is called…..
a.    Complication         b. Orientation         c. Resolution      d. Reorientation       e. Coda

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