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Contoh Soal TOEFL 1

Questions 1 through 10 are based to following passage.
Elizabeth Blackwell was born in England in 1821 and emigrated to New York City when she was ten years old.  One day she decided that she wanted to become a doctor.  That was nearly impossible for a woman in the nineteenth century.  After writing many letters seeking admission to medical schools, she was finally accepted by a doctor in Philadelphia.  So determined was she that she taught school and gave music lesson to earn money for her tuition.
In 1849, after graduation from medical school, she decided to further her education in Paris.  She wanted to be a surgeon, but a serious eye infection forced her to abandon the idea.
Upon returning to the United States, she found it difficult to start her own practice because she was a woman.  By 1857, Elizabeth and her sister, also a doctor, along with another female doctor, manage it open a new hospital, the first for women and children.  Besides being the first female physician in the United States and founding her own hospital, she also established the first medical school for women.
1.      Why couldn’t Elizabeth Blackwell realize her dream of becoming a surgeon?
a.       She couldn’t get admitted to medical school.
b.      She decided to further her education in Paris.
c.       A serious eye infection halted her quest.
d.      It was difficult for her to start a practice in the United States.
2.      What main obstacle almost destroyed Elizabeth’s chances for becoming a doctor?
a.       She was a woman.                               c. She couldn’t graduate from medical school.
b.      She wrote too many letters.                  d. She couldn’t establish her hospital.
3.      How many years elapsed between her graduation from medical school and the opening of her hospital?
a.       8          b. 10                c. 19                d. 36
4.      All the following are “firsts” in the life of Elizabeth Blackwell EXCEPT…
a.       She became the first female physician in the United States.
b.      She was the first woman surgeon in the United States.
c.       She and several other women founded the first hospital for women and children.
d.      She established the first medical school for women.
5.      How old was Elizabeth Blackwell when she graduated from medical school?
a.       10        b. 21                c. 28                d. 36
6.      The word “abandon” in that text is closest in meaning to…
a.       Undertake        b. Give up        c. Continue      d. Look into
7.      What is the main idea of this passage?
a.       Elizabeth Blackwell overcome serious obstacles to become the first woman doctor in the United States.
b.      Elizabeth Blackwell had to abandon her plans to become a doctor because of an eye infection.
c.       Elizabeth Blackwell even taught music to pay for her medical studies.
d.      Elizabeth Blackwell founded the first medical school for women.
8.      The word “founding” in that text most nearly the same as…
a.       Locating           b. Looking for             c. Establishing              d. Buying
9.      Why was it nearly impossible for Elizabeth Blackwell to get into medical school?
a.       She had a serious eye infection.
b.      She had little or no money to pay tuition.
c.       She wanted to be part of a profession that no woman had ever entered before.
d.      Her family didn’t want her to be a doctor.
10.  The reason Elizabeth Blackwell could not become a surgeon is explained in lines…
a.       4-5       b. 8-9               c. 11-13                       d. 14-15

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